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How one of the world’s biggest polluters has some of the best environmental opportunities

Impax Asset Management’s Jon Forster explains why environmental investing is something that won’t grow stagnant and the unlikely country with the best growth opportunities.

Investec's Hutchins: Where to look for greater clarity in this uncertain UK environment

Blake Hutchins, manager of the Investec UK Equity Income fund, considers which sectors and companies UK investors can turn to against a backdrop of Brexit uncertainty.

How the stock market’s fading status could increase social inequality

The increasing number of companies shunning the stock market could contribute to rising inequality in society. We’ve identified three ways to fight back

Why emerging market investors need to embrace volatility

BlackRock’s Gordon Fraser explains why a view on the investment backdrop is as important as company analysis when investing in emerging markets.

Don’t stand in the way of the bull run, says IG’s Beauchamp

IG Group’s chief market analyst says that often the strongest gains come right at the end of the market cycle.

Guy Stephens: Why do investors buy discounted cars but not discounted stocks?

Rowan Dartington technical investment director Guy Stephens considers the role psychology has to play in investing and explains why consumers are likely to believe markets are too expensive when they hit new highs.

What do these Lindsell Train, Baillie Gifford and Rathbones funds all have in common?

FE Trustnet dives into the IA’s global equity sectors to discover which funds gave a top quartile performance over the past-five years, and which charged investors the most and the least.

Uncertainty sent investors fleeing from UK equities, what will tempt them back?

With UK equities remaining the most underweighted region among asset allocators, FE Trustnet asked several experts what it will take for investors to return.

Up in smoke: tobacco firms feel burn of disruption

Few industries are seeing as much disruption to the old order as tobacco. What does this mean for investors?

Fund managers raise risk exposure on rate-cut expectations

The latest Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Fund Manager Survey finds asset allocators have upped their holdings in equities and reduced cash levels.

Fed could cut rates seven times in next 18 months, says Bezalel

The manager of the Jupiter Strategic Bond fund says the loosening will be necessary to undo the damage caused by raising rates too quickly in the first place.

Investing in defensive equity sectors as the cycle matures

Ed Smith, head of asset allocation research at Rathbones, considers whether shifting to defensives as the cycle matures is a good idea or not.

A wave of change, why one value investor refuses to give into growth

Janus Henderson’s Nick Sheridan discusses the ongoing outperformance of growth stocks and the unusual victory value has managed to achieve, and why he won’t give up his value bias.

Toby Nangle: Cognitive dissonance in financial markets?

Toby Nangle, head of global asset allocation at Columbia Threadneedle Investments, considers why equity markets are continuing to rally and the near-term outlook for the asset class.

The lessons investors should take from the first half of 2019

Investors who held their nerve during the final quarter of 2018 would have been rewarded during the first half of the year, but what lessons did FE Trustnet’s panel of experts learn?

Markets don’t need a recession to crash, warns Artemis’ Edelsten

The manager of the Mid Wynd International Investment Trust says avoiding the worst of crashes is not just about being cautious, as this is what allows him to outperform over the long term.

Can short duration succeed where absolute return has failed?

Rob Bailey, head of UK wholesale distribution at AXA Investment Managers, explains why investors should take a second look at short duration assets.

Why you need to avoid the victims when it comes to investing in disruption

Disruptive companies up-end entire industries and invent the future –Schroders’ Alex Tedder explains why investors should care.

Three market bubbles to avoid and how to find anti-bubble opportunities

Consultancy Research Affiliates highlight three areas of the market that investors should consider avoiding and where they should be concentrating more of their attention.

Just four global equity funds seem to have been consistently driven by outstanding skill

The highly competitive IA Global sector appears to be a very challenging area for active funds to operate in.

Growth opportunities in a sector making science fiction a reality

GAM Investments’ Christophe Eggmann explains where he is finding some of the best opportunities in the healthcare sector and two of biggest themes in the portfolios.

Three under-the-radar areas taking up the climate fight

Thomas Sørensen and Henning Padberg, portfolio managers of the Nordea 1 – Global Climate and Environment fund, analyse why climate solutions do not revolve entirely around alternative energy.