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Fundsmith’s O’Brien: Emerging economies’ growth to outpace developed markets despite coronavirus

Fundsmith emerging equities trust manager Michael O’Brien believes companies selected with the Fundsmith ethos will still ultimately benefit from the trends that drive emerging market growth.

Fidelity’s three investment trusts that could shore up an income portfolio

With a weak outlook for dividends, Fidelity’s Daniel Lane highlights three investment trusts with strong records of income investing.

Five funds that these experts would never look to sell

Trustnet speaks to three industry experts about the funds that they would never seek to offload, even during the Covid-19 crisis.

Crux’s Ward: Banks offer one of the best risk/reward trade-offs in the market

The manager of the TM CRUX UK Core fund has no doubt the banks will survive the crisis and expects them to deliver double-digit returns on equity once it is all over.

Should investors be more worried about inflation or deflation?

Massive fiscal easing may unleash the forces of inflation on the economy – but a rise in unemployment and failing businesses means deflation could be an even bigger threat, writes Anthony Luzio.

Avoid high yielders to beat the great dividend crisis

Baillie Gifford's James Dow explains the kind of discipline investors must exercise to invest in the dividend-paying businesses of the future, rather than clinging to the high-yielders of the past.

Why ‘winning the peace’ will be important in any recovery from Covid-19

Newton Investment Management’s Andrew Parry explains how Covid-19 is the opportunity to re-build a long-term, sustainable recovery.

Why this country will be the fastest growing developing market in the world

Growing concerns over Chinese supply chain risks and a strong response to the coronavirus pandemic puts Vietnam in a strong position, according to some.

Dividend bear markets: the grizzly facts

With companies around the world drastically cutting dividends, we’ve looked at 149 years of data to see what’s happened previously at such times and what investors might expect next.

Five-crown equity funds cement sector-topping positions in a turbulent 2020

Trustnet finds out how the market-rattling events have affected funds with different FE fundinfo Crown Ratings.

My trust will be up 40% if holdings return to fair value, says Ocean Dial’s Cornell

The chief investment officer says there have only been three times in the past 15 years when Indian mid caps have been this cheap.

Sarasin’s Alaoui: Four reasons to buy a renewable energy trust

The co-manager of Sarasin Fund of Funds – Global Diversified Growth reveals why he bought the Gresham House Energy Storage Fund (GRID).

How demographics will drive real estate investment after Covid-19

Principal Real Estate Investors' Indraneel Karlekar looks at the issues and opportunities in European real estate in light of Covid-19 and outlines the ramifications of the virus across all demographic groups.

Five Covid-19 lessons from markets worth paying attention to

MSCI's Dimitris Melas considers five lessons learned during the coronavirus crisis and what they mean for investors.

The fund that went from Q1’s worst to April’s best performer

Trustnet speaks with Schroders’ Mark Lacey about the recent performance of his Schroder ISF Global Energy fund and what the outlook for the global energy sector is.

Did the most consistent global funds protect you when Covid-19 struck?

Trustnet continues its study examining the relationship between long-term consistency of returns and how well funds protected capital in the coronavirus crash.

Are these the sort of companies that will perform through a recession?

Comgest’s Alistair Wittet explains why companies like Ferrari will still have an edge in any coronavirus-fuelled recession.

What investors can expect once the dust settles

As hopes of a swift recovery disappear into the distance and we adjust to the new normal, Hannah Smith turns her focus to the post-coronavirus investment landscape.

Inflation post Covid-19: to be or not to be?

We spoke to two experts who argued the case for and against inflation in the near future and what it means for investments.

Will credit markets remain open for business?

Aviva Investors' Colin Purdie discusses the short- and long-term implications of Covid-19 for investment grade and high yield credit globally.

The controversial bond issuers without which “there’d be pretty much anarchy”

Rathbones Bryn Jones explains why as well as having a compelling social investment case, banks and insurers provide and attractive risk-reward for bond investors.

JPMAM's Bell: How to navigate Covid-19 uncertainty

Mike Bell, global market strategist at JP Morgan Asset Management, considers where he thinks there are compelling opportunities and the kind of market environment he would want to see to start allocating to these areas.