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Why investors need to connect information signals more effectively

A growing body of research suggests equity investors are poor at recognising the connections and interrelationships between companies. A fresh approach is needed, says Aviva Investors’ head of global equities Mikhail Zverev.

Why the machines aren’t taking over investing just yet

Orbis Investments’ Claire Gallagher explains that while artificial intelligence is becoming integrated in investment processes, stockpickers still have to make the final call.

Three high-yielding funds for income-hungry investors and how to spot ‘walking wounded funds’

With dividend payouts in the UK experiencing their worst quarter in three years, falling Interactive Investor highlights three high-yielding income strategies worth considering.

Multi-asset funds beating multi-manager rivals over all time frames

Cautious and balanced multi-asset funds that choose securities directly seemed to have significantly outperformed peers that outsource to other funds.

The income fund growing its dividend at 18% a year

Jochen Breuer said his Fidelity Asian Dividend fund is benefiting from “political momentum” to make companies pay out more money to shareholders.

Darius McDermott: Is ESG more than just a label?

Darius McDermott, managing director at Chelsea Financial Services, considers the growing interest in ESG strategies and three funds that he believes are suitable for those willing to add exposure.

RLAM’s Greetham: Global growth indicator positive for first time in 18 months

Royal London Asset Management’s multi-asset head explains why leading indicators are beginning to support his more bullish stance.

Tech to take control of your finances: FE Trustnet Magazine is out now!

The October edition evaluates the array of technology now available to investors.

Five key themes that Aviva Investors think will drive financial markets

The asset manager has highlighted the issues that are catching the attention of its team of investment strategists.

Do ‘star managers’ still exist? And what makes a good fund manager anyway?

AXA Investment Managers’ Rob Bailey discusses the qualities a good fund manager should possess and whether the ‘star managers’ label is still accurate.

Threadneedle’s Moore: Talking about stocks I like is like explaining why I love my wife

European equity manager Ben Moore explains why he finds it difficult to explain what makes a business exceptional.

“The UK is not out of the Brexit woods yet”: What the UK-EU withdrawal deal means for investors

Professional investors have warned that the revised Brexit deal does not necessarily mean a sustained rally in UK assets.

The US equity funds that haven’t relied heavily on the S&P 500 for long-term returns

FE Trustnet takes a closer look at the funds in the IA North America sector that have delivered top returns while looking outside the S&P 500 index.

The fund that pre-empts reckless investor behaviour

Barings Global Dividend Champions aims to limit downside risk so investors don’t panic and sell out when the market crashes.

Why Fidelity and Warren Buffett don’t agree on gold

Fidelity International’s Paras Anand discusses the disparity between Buffet’s opinion on gold and its value in the market today.

Why the world’s largest asset manager thinks you shouldn’t chase Japan’s rally

BlackRock chief investment strategist Mike Pyle explains why the asset manager isn’t about to increase its allocation to Japanese equities despite a recent purple patch.

The three fastest-growing trends in healthcare

With new insight into diseases and a multitude of new medicines being developed, it is an interesting time to be investing in healthcare. Here are three of the three fastest-growing trends.

Vanguard, Lindsell Train and Fundsmith get even more popular with advisers in 2019

We find that professional investors have reacted to the uncertain market conditions by focusing on global equities and funds that they already know well.