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Woolnough: Where to find the sweet spot in the bond market

Richard Woolnough, manager of the M&G Optimal Income fund, says there is often little difference between weak investment grade and high-quality high yield bonds.

Why this contrarian investor has bought a gold ETF

Gold recently reached a record high, but Premier Miton’s Simon Evan-Cook says this doesn’t mean it is overvalued.

A new era for central bank policy making

JP Morgan Asset Management's Thushka Maharaj explains why the Federal Reserve's approach to inflation is likely to cause headaches for investors from a portfolio diversification perspective.

Three specific market worries that could follow the US presidential election

Investors will have to continue to watch the US political situation even after the next resident of the White House is decided in November.

Inflation could be the switch for a move out of growth into value

Inflation finally coming through in the economy could be a trigger for a broad switch out of growth companies into value companies, according to Lazard’s Alan Custis and Premier Miton’s Simon Evan-Cook.

Buffettology’s Ashworth-Lord: UK second only to US for investment opportunities

The Alpha Manager reveals why he is launching a smaller companies investment trust.

RLAM global equities head: Three stocks where quality of management has shined during Covid

Global equity manager Peter Rutter highlights three companies in his portfolio that have flourished during the pandemic thanks to the quality of their management.

Have we really reached peak fossil-fuel demand?

Anthony Luzio looks at the arguments for and against this contention and finds out what it would mean for the oil & gas majors if it is true.

There’s bite in the coronavirus recovery beyond the FAANGs

Malcolm Schembri, manager of the Garraway Global Equity fund, explains why technology stocks are not the only game in town when it comes to picking winners.

Why Biden’s traditional diplomacy would be good for Wall Street

With just five weeks until the US election, Waverton’s Bill Dinning discusses previous campaigns and the impact on markets based on different election scenarios.

Four reasons why it’s not too late to invest in emerging markets

Carmignac’s Xavier Hovasse explains why emerging markets continue to offer value to investors and the tailwinds that could support them in the coming years.

River and Mercantile unveils first European fund for Sym

The firm will open an unconstrained European equity strategy for the ex-Schroders manager later this week.

How the worst funds in almost every sector are beating the best UK equity income funds in 2020

Trustnet research finds that the average top-quartile UK fund is still far behind the returns made by the bottom quartile of most other peer groups.

Tech funds for investors looking beyond the FAANGs

Fidelity Personal Investing’s Toby Sims explains why investing in tech should cover more the just the market’s biggest names.

The asset class that hedge funds don’t want to sell

In a market that is growing, underserved, and uncorrelated to the fate of the global economy, lending to the life sciences sector is how Biopharma Credit has been generating a resilient 7 per cent yield.

The lessons I’ve learnt at Trustnet during Covid-19

As a (relatively) new financial journalist, Rory Palmer highlights four lessons he has learnt which have inspired his own investment portfolio.

“Sunak has once again managed to pull a rabbit out of his hat”: Investors welcome chancellor’s Winter Economy Plan

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced a new package of measures to help UK businesses survive the next phase of the coronavirus crisis.

City of London’s Curtis: Oil & gas “in managed decline”

The Janus Henderson manager is not optimistic about the long-term prospects for BP and Shell, but still has significant exposure to these stocks in his portfolio.

Big Tech’s market might in five charts

How would the US market have performed without Big Tech? How do their profits compare? Our charts reveal the market dominance of the "FAMAGs".

The bond funds taking advantage of the bounceback

Darius McDermott, managing director at FundCalibre, considers some of the bond fund managers who have delivered on the opportunity in markets over the past six months.

Could a vaccine lead to a rally for value stocks?

While there may be limited room for further upside in index levels should a vaccine be approved, there could be a change in market leadership, according to Goldman Sachs.

Three areas investors need to keep an eye on for the rest of 2020

As we approach the end of 2020, Quilter Investors’ Ian Jensen-Humphreys highlights three issues that investors need to keep on their radars over the months ahead.

What it’s like to launch a fund at the start of a pandemic

Rosemary Banyard talks about launching her new UK equity fund just before March's lockdown and why she expects her approach to weather any further market turbulence.