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Troy’s Lyon: My worst stock pick in 18 years on Trojan

Alpha Manager Sebastian Lyon explains why record label EMI was one of his worst ever stock picks.

10 investment themes set to dominate the 2020s

The megatrends fuelling social, environmental, political and economic challenges are likely to reach their boiling point in the 2020s, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Hargreaves Lansdown scraps exit fees – should you switch platforms?

John Blowers asks if the 1.2 million clients of the UK’s largest investment platform should move their money now that this will no longer incur a charge.

Two lessons from the underperformance of alternative energy

Alternative energy stocks have significantly lagged the wider market over the last five years – what does this tell us about investing in the sector?

Are trade tensions getting you down?

Mid Wynd Investment Trust co-manager Simon Edelsten considers the history of trade deals and explains why current trade tensions are not a reason to avoid investing.

Why the Fed rate cut could be good news for equities

Premier Asset Management’s Neil Birrell explains what the Fed rate cut means for different asset classes and how he has positioned his fund range.

‘Sunnier skies are opening’: Pictet lifts equity underweight to neutral, favouring EM and value

The firm’s multi-asset team thinks that conditions in the global economy and markets are looking better than they have done in recent months.

The top-performing sector on a 20% discount

Adam Lewis finds out why the IT Private Equity sector remains unpopular.

President Trump: Three years down, one to go

Randy Frederick, Charles Schwab’s vice president of trading and derivatives, considers how the market has performed under the current US administration compared with previous presidents.

Invesco’s Barnett: Come to me if you want reliable income

The manager of Invesco Income and High Income says “the income offered in my portfolios is better diversified, better-covered and offers better growth than the UK equity market”.

Darius McDermott: Tapping into a Brexit deal bounce

FundCalibre's Darius McDermott highlights four funds that could benefit from Boris Johnson's new Brexit deal should he secure victory in the forthcoming general election.

Buffettology, Lindsell Train and Baillie Gifford climbing up in adviser research

Trustnet reviews the biggest fund sectors and finds out which of their members are being looked at more by professional investors.

Five trusts for investors who believe a value revival is on the way

Kepler Trust Intelligence highlights five trusts it believes could take advantage of a resurgence in the value style after years of outperformance for growth strategies.

Why bond tracker funds could be taking more risks than their active peers

Rathbone’s Noelle Cazalis explains how the quality of fixed income indices have been reduced in quality making trackers take more risks.

The top-rated funds you can hold together: UK All Companies

In the second part of this series, Trustnet looks at the top-rated UK All Companies funds investors can hold together without worrying about increasing concentration risk.

The trusts where the managers have plenty of 'skin in the game’

Investec Corporate & Investment Banking analysts Alan Brierley and Ben Newell highlight the investment trusts run by managers who have backed their convictions with a significant amount of their own money.

One of the biggest opportunities, and challenges, in personal finance today

The Share Centre’s Andy Parsons examines the size, scale and opportunity crated by the maturing Child Trust Fund scheme.

TEMIT’s Ness: Investors need to think differently about emerging markets

Portfolio manager Andrew Ness discusses the biases UK investors have towards emerging markets and highlights three emerging markets where they’re missing out on opportunities.

Are the markets being ruled by ‘pinball investing’?

Investors can forget about the battle between the growth and value styles as a new market dynamic seems to be playing out, says Robeco’s global head of fundamental equities.

What is microfinance and why does it matter for investors?

Microfinance is a promising way to address global problems such as poverty, inequality and environmental damage. But what’s in it for investors?