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TB Evenlode Income cements position as most consistent UK fund

Trustnet finds out which IA UK All Companies funds have regularly beaten the FTSE All Share over the past decade.

Hydrogen: Beyond hot air

Pictet Asset Management's Xavier Chollet considers how the development of hydrogen cars – with investment from governments especially around infrastructure development – will help drive growth and uptake.

The best-performing funds with a conscience of 2020

Following a watershed year for sustainable and ESG investment, Trustnet looks at which strategies performed the best in 2020.

Why Smith & Williamson is adding gold to its managed portfolios

Smith & Williamson Investment Management’s James Burns explains why it is inflation-proofing its managed portfolio service now.

The equity funds leading the pack over three years

Trustnet finds out what changes there have been to the three-year rankings of top-performing equity funds over the past six months.

Gervais Williams: UK could be best-performing market for next 20 years

The manager of the Premier Miton UK Smaller Companies fund says he can “hardly believe how cheap the UK is”.

January ‘wobble’ unlikely to knock US from its perch

Eurizon SLJ Capital’s Neil Staines explains why consensus views are not always to be trusted and the fallout in January won’t dent the US market.

Will Brexit change the way multi-asset managers look at the UK?

Trustnet asks several multi-asset managers whether the UK should be considered a separate asset class following the conclusion of Brexit?

Three scenarios that could impact the gold price in 2021

WisdomTree’s Nitesh Shah highlights three separate scenarios for what 2021 could hold for gold as markets react to the roll-out of coronavirus vaccines.

The equity markets that were easiest to beat in 2020

Trustnet reveals which equity benchmarks were easiest to beat in 2020 as financial markets were blitzed by the coronavirus pandemic and rescued with massive stimulus packages.

Is 2021 going to be a turning point for the UK market?

Trustnet asks several UK and global fund managers whether the unloved UK market will return to popularity in 2021.

Who UK equity trust managers think will be the winners and losers of 2021

Several investment trust managers have updated their outlook for UK equities after a third national lockdown was announced.

Why everyone’s talking about hydrogen

Almost any stock with a decent hydrogen angle performed well in 2020. So, what is all the excitement about, and are these stocks in a bubble?

Should investors worry about Lindsell Train Global Equity’s fall down the performance rankings?

Investment professionals give their thoughts on the reasons for the fund’s slowing performance over the last year and how investors should react.

“Going to get worse before it gets better”: November lockdown GDP fall better than feared but double-dip recession looms

Office for National Statistics data shows a better than expected fall in GDP in November, but experts warn the figures could get worse from here.

Have we entered a new era of monetary policy?

Premier Miton Investors’ David Jane discusses the shift in attitude towards government debt.

The trusts that Kepler's analysts are backing this year

Kepler Trust Intelligence's Pascal Dowling highlights the investment trusts being backed by its analysts this year, the catalysts for growth and the potential for investor returns.

The three risks that PIMCO is worrying about in 2021

Joachim Fels and Andrew Balls explain why they expect the global economy to continue healing this year but what could threaten any progress.

Has Covid-19 changed the conversation around sustainable investing?

The pandemic brought companies’ treatment of their stakeholders into sharp focus. We ask three investment experts what the impact has been on sustainable investing and what it means for the future.

Trump impeached for a second time but market impact ‘minimal’

Markets are unlikely to react strongly to US president Donald Trump’s second impeachment as next week’s inauguration of Joe Biden nears.

What to hold if you already own Vanguard LifeStrategy 60% Equity

Trustnet asks several fund pickers which strategies they recommend to sit alongside adviser favourite Vanguard LifeStrategy 60% Equity.

Over half of active funds beat their benchmark in 2020

With a rollercoaster year for markets behind us, Trustnet finds out if active managers were successful in navigating 2020’s coronavirus crisis.