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Why is more money being pumped into negative-yielding debt?

David Absolon, investment director at Heartwood Investment Management, explains why money continues to flow into the bond market with negative yields rampant.

What should investors look for in a factsheet? Holdings/sector breakdown

Daniel Pereira, investment research analyst at Square Mile Investment Consulting and Research, explains what investors need to understand when looking at a fund factsheet's sector and holdings breakdown.

The overlooked region that’s continuing to open up new opportunities

Gulf Investment Fund’s Nick Wilson explains how the development of capital markets in the Middle East region are creating new opportunities for investors.

Something drastic must happen for value to become “sexy”, says Investec’s Mundy

Veteran value investor Alastair Mundy explains why the current environment has been so bad for value stocks and what it will take for more postive market conditions.

Seven ‘safe havens’ that could help protect against market volatility

Fidelity Personal Investing’s Tom Stevenson identifies seven ‘safe havens’ for investors worried about increased volatility in markets.

Why you shouldn’t be bound to one investment style

Hermes Investment Management’s Lewis Grant explains how a blended approach is more likely to ensure consistent returns in the long run.

The new funds making the AFI Aggressive index

FE Trustnet takes a closer look at the ‘aggressive’ funds that have been added to the FE AFI portfolios following the latest rebalance.

The structural trend that could pay off for investors in the long term

Gravis Capital Partners’ Will Argent explains how renewable energy can offer investors attractive opportunities for capital and income growth over the long term.

Fed rate cut spurs EMs into action

A wave of rate cuts across the emerging markets is likely, as India joins Brazil in cutting interest rates by more than expected.

Are currency wars a natural progression from trade wars?

Anthony Rayner, manager of Miton’s multi asset fund range, explains why markets shouldn’t be complacent about a potential currency war after tit-for-tat exchanges between the US and China.

The Share Centre's Parsons: Twitter and the trade war

The Share Centre's Andy Parsons explains how the impact of a US-China trade war could create opportunities for investors in emerging market equities.

River and Mercantile’s Sergeant ‘one-off’ opportunities in equity markets

Global equities manager Hugh Sergeant highlights areas trading at “extreme valuations” currently that investors might want to explore.

This is a new cold war: Pictet’s Andrew Cole on the US-China trade war

As FE Trustnet continues to find out how multi-asset managers are positioning for the second half, Pictet Asset Management ‘s Andrew Cole explains why the US-China trade war has the potential to become something more serious.

A top-performing global fund that is not for the faint-hearted

Square Mile’s Daniel Pereira says T. Rowe Price Global Focused Growth Equity needs to take risks to meet its punchy target.

John Bilton: Tug-of-war between trade tensions and easy policy could be shifting

John Bilton, head of global multi-asset strategy at JP Morgan Asset Management, explains how the economic equilibrium has become more of a tug of war between different market forces.

The new funds that advisers say any investor can hold

FE Trustnet reveals the new funds that have been added to all three FE AFI portfolio following the latest rebalance.

Fund manager recession fears move to eight-year high

The latest Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Fund Manager Survey finds allocators underweighting assets positively correlated to growth.

Three UK stocks disrupting established industries

Unicorn UK Growth’s Alex Game names three UK stocks that are disrupting established industries.

Will the UK economy slip into recession?

Disappointing GDP data shows the UK economy contracted in the second quarter and raises the risk of the country entering a technical recession.

Are quality growth companies expensive?

Tassilo Seilern, head of research at Seilern Investment Management, considers whether a correction should be expected in the bond or equity market.