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Brexit delay means groundhog day, again

The fog of uncertainty won’t disperse anytime soon, says Rathbones head of asset allocation research Ed Smith. But the FTSE is an international market, defensive and quite possibly one of the better places to be as global growth slows.

The most-read FE Trustnet stories over 2019 so far

As we take a break for the Easter Bank Holiday, FE Trustnet reveals the stories that were popular during the opening months of the year.

Simon Evan-Cook’s most surprising fund turnaround of 2018’s sell-off

The Premier multi-manager highlights an underperforming fund that generated strong returns when everyone else was losing money.

Infographic: Sustainability Report Q1 2019

In the latest sustainability report we provide an update on the current state of play for sugar, and look at the legalisation of cannabis and climate challenges posed by feeding the planet.

Troy’s Harries: Why caution and a quality focus are more important than ever

Troy Asset Management’s James Harries says global equity income investors need to be a bit more cautious about the types of stocks they buy.

Fund managers prepare portfolios for ‘secular stagnation’

Research by Bank of America Merrill Lynch shows asset allocators expect a low growth, low inflation and low interest rate environment to affect markets.

The lost decades: When and where investing for 10 years lost you money

The bursting of the dotcom bubble at the start of the 2000s and the financial crisis towards the end mean there are numerous IA sectors where investing for the long term has been no guarantee of a positive return.

Persistently low interest rates aren’t such good news after all

Carmignac’s Didier Saint-Georges examines the effects that low interest rates can have on markets and the economy.

Almost three-quarters of UK active managers underperformed in 2018

Sharp year-on-year rise in UK equity fund underperformance recorded by S&P Dow Jones Indices as all strategies struggled in a more challenging environment.

Five Game of Thrones quotes for value investors

To mark the eighth and final series of Game of Thrones, which blazes onto UK screens on Monday, here are five quotes that help to explain how value investors think. Warning: There may be spoilers ahead …

Have investors lost faith in active management?

Allianz Global Investors’ Andreas Utermann asks whether the active management industry can regain the trust of investors.

The giant bond funds that are getting even more attention than their size would suggest

FE Trustnet discovers which funds in the fixed income are winning a higher level of research on FE Analytics than you’d expect from their assets under management.

Three reasons to buy Europe… and three to avoid it

Heartwood Investment Management’s Nikki Howes examines the tailwinds and headwinds that investors in European equities need to be aware of.

Consumer staples: A sector in need of a reset

Saracen Fund Managers’ Bettina Edmondston examines how consumer staples companies took a wrong turn in the past few years.