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Bryn Jones: What running ultramarathons can teach you about investment

Rathbones bond manager Bryn Jones discusses his investment philosophy and how his passion for long-distance running helps him reassess his goals.

“Wishful thinking”: A longer recession than expected on the cards, says Schroders’ Wade

Markets are forecasting a ‘soft landing’ but a longer recession than predicted is on the horizon before rampant inflation levels out, according to Schroders’ chief economist.

The best and worst investment trusts of 2022 so far

Most investment trusts have made losses over 2022 so far, as markets spent the opening half of the year selling off.

A fund to take advantage of a depressed major currency

Jupiter Japan Income has been tipped as a core fund for a region that currently looks cheap.

Is the EMD sell-off a setback or a shopping spree, asks Federated Hermes

Emerging market debt has been hit hard this year but Federated Hermes offers up seven reasons why it might be attractive now.

The handful of investment trusts with top-quartile return for 2022 and the past decade

Some 78% of the first-quartile trusts over 10 years have lost their top position in 2022.

The best funds to hold alongside JPM US Equity Income

The fund has climbed 5.7% since the start of the year while many of its peers declined, but which funds should you also hold for when market styles shift?

How to reason with a crypto fanatic

Hannah Smith finds out how to explain to a die-hard crypto fan that there may be better ways to invest their money.

Wise’s Ropers: Bonds are back on the table as value emerges

The manager explains why fixed income is starting to look attractive and the two bond funds has been adding to in his TB Wise Multi-Asset Growth portfolio.

“There isn't an alternative other than grocery”: Supermarket Income REIT manager

Revenue from home deliveries remains high even as the pandemic recedes, knocking the likes of Ocado out of the market.

Four infrastructure funds for investors looking to hedge portfolios

Infrastructure is one of the few assets to have held up in 2022’s rocky markets but which funds do the experts prefer?

Jupiter’s Naylor-Leyland: Why the Fed could send gold and silver to record highs

A U-turn on rate hikes would send gold price sky-high, says the Jupiter precious metals manager.

Three FTSE stocks for a counter-cyclical investor

Adam Rackley, manager of the VT Cape Wrath Focus fund, names three stocks highlighted by his capital-cycle approach to investing.

Why BlackRock prefers corporate bonds over stocks in this market

The world’s largest asset management firm explains why it has tilted towards investment grade bonds as the market focuses on a looming slowdown.

Investors see what they want to see

Premier Miton Investors’ Anthony Rayner examines the dilemma of how investors balance out the plethora of data points they are presented with.

The funds that have made the highest returns since the start of the global financial crisis

The global financial crisis started 15 years ago and funds have made strong returns since, but many investors are nervous about where things will go from here.

Clearer skies for airline companies as investors cut short positions

Firms lowered their bets in several airlines throughout July despite strike action continuing to cause chaos for holidaymakers, but Kingsfisher remained the UK’s most shorted company.

“It'll be a disaster”: Interest rates could swing up and down over the next decade

The Fed has pushed up rates too high and too fast, which could have a knock-on effect for much of the next decade, according to Richard De Lisle.

When does rebalancing your portfolio become performance chasing?

With the commodities rebound finishing as quickly as it began, Anthony Luzio finds out when it is too late to tilt your portfolio into a tailwind.

Ninety One’s Pretorius: Finding companies that deliver today

To describe the current environment as uncertain is an understatement. But how should investors navigate a world of inflation and volatility? Ninety One’s Abrie Pretorius explains why focusing on durable dividend payers can provide a defensive option for your portfolio.

Bestinvest reveals drop in money invested in ‘dog’ funds

The number of under-performing funds labelled as ‘dogs’ by Bestinvest has more than halved in the past six months.

Inflation-protection funds cement their lead over 2022 so far

July’s market rebound has done little to change the fund performance rankings with commodities and other inflation hedges still posting the industry’s highest year-to-date returns.