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The most consistent IA UK All Companies funds of the decade

Two funds in the sector have beaten the sector average in nine of the past 10 years, while another one has a 100 per cent record.

29 reasons not to invest in the stock market

Over the past three decades there have been plenty of stock market shocks to dissuade people from investing. Our data shows what happened after each event.

Has the 'everything bubble' burst?

Miton Group's David Jane examines whether the end of quantitaive easing means that all asset prices will start to fall.

How this ‘very boring’ emerging markets fund generated the only positive return in the sector

Lazard Asset Management’s Fadi Al Said explains why his fund was the only positive performer in the emerging markets sector last year.

The winning and losing FTSE 250 stocks of 2018

FE Trustnet dives into the FTSE 250 to find out which mid-cap stocks paid off for investors and which handed them losses.

The giant funds that fell to the bottom of their sector last year

FE Trustnet looks for funds running more than £1bn but are in the bottom decile for their 2018 total return.

Why the reason for December’s sell-off may be wrong but should make investors cautious

Royal London Asset Management’s Trevor Greetham explains how he took advantage of the December sell-off in equities but expects to become more cautious later in the year.

How trade wars have affected emerging market returns

Snapshot: We illustrate how trade concerns influenced emerging markets equity returns in 2018, and discuss the prospect of a rebound this year.

Will emerging markets have another torrid year?

Claudia Calich, manager of the M&G Emerging Markets Bond fund, provides her list of the five key themes for emerging market debt in 2019.

What the defeat of the Brexit deal means for investors

Fund managers and strategists explain how markets might react to the defeat of Theresa May’s Brexit deal and what could happen next.

Four decisions that meant this UK fund was one of the few to make money in 2018

Keith Ashworth-Lord says his CFP SDL UK Buffettology fund would have lost money last year if he hadn’t sold four holdings.

Managers’ confidence in economy falls to lowest since 2008

The latest Bank of America Merrill Lynch survey shows that many fund managers expect global growth to slow in the coming 12 months.

“We start 2019 in a very different place”: What Peter Toogood expects from the new year

The Adviser Centre’s chief investment officer says a relief rally is likely but investors should be looking at more unloved areas of the market.

Outlook 2019: 60 seconds on the global economy

We forecast global growth to slow in 2019 and the dollar looks set to weaken with US interest rates peaking mid-year.

How to profit from Sir David Attenborough’s “war on plastics”

This trust, headed up by Bruce Jenkyn-Jones and Jon Forster, allows investors to profit from “the war on plastics”.

Five lessons that Pictet’s chief strategist took from 2018

Luca Paolini, chief strategist at Pictet Asset Management, explains what the turbulent past year should have taught investors.

Jonathan Ruffer: We’ve let people down but we’re ready for battle

Veteran investor Jonathan Ruffer reflects on a challenging year for the firm and why it is standing by its asset allocation strategy.

The winning and losing FTSE 100 stocks of 2018

FE Trustnet examines the FTSE 100 to discover which have just had a strong year and which struggled the most in 2018.

The sectors where only one fund delivered a return in 2018

FE Trustnet considers the sectors where only one fund was in the black in 2018 and takes a closer look at these strategies.

Hawksmoor IM: Why you shouldn’t be scared by Japan

Fund manager Daniel Lockyer explains why investors should overcome any lingering doubts about the Japanese market.

Three New Year’s resolutions for a happy and prosperous 2019

Nick Samouilhan, solutions strategist for Europe, the Middle East & Africa at T. Rowe Price, highlights three issues investors should take into consideration this year.

Yearsley: The fund I’m using to protect against a US bear market

Shore Financial Planning’s Ben Yearsley says this fund’s use of short positions should offer some protection if the US bull run comes to an abrupt end.

Why FE Alpha Manager Lyon plans to put money to work in a painful year

The manager of the Trojan fund offers his view on the weakness that dominated markets throughout 2018.

How the best funds of 2017 performed last year

Many of the best performers of 2017 experienced a reversal in fortunes last year as markets saw the return of volatility and heightened geopolitical uncertainty.

The funds topping their sectors in three very different years

We find out how many funds have been able to outperform their peers in the different market conditions of the past three years.