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Flaw in human psyche stops investors buying low, claims Waverton’s Glasse

The manager of the Waverton European Dividend Growth fund says he is always telling investors to buy Europe when everybody hates it. “But do they do it? No.”

Countdown to Brexit: three market indicators to watch

With Brexit uncertainty affecting UK assets, we offer a basic explanation on three market indicators that investors might like to discuss with their adviser.

The Asian market where investors are 'spoilt for choice'

Suresh Withana, co-founder and managing partner of Harmony Capital Investors, considers the opportunities to be found in Asia's burgeoning SME market.

RLAM’s Greetham: How investor complacency made us sell equities

Royal London Asset Management’s multi-asset funds have been trimming equities in the 2019 rally but expect to buy back in later in the year.

“An accident waiting to happen”: Fed doubles-down on dovish outlook

The Federal Reserve has ‘out-doved’ the market by forecasting no more rate hikes in 2019.

“The biggest mistake a fund manager can make”: BlackRock’s Edwards on risk and bonds

FE Alpha Manager Ben Edwards explains how putting risk at the centre of portfolio construction will lead to better outcomes for bond investors.

Why tech could be on the verge of its own financial crisis

Canada Life Investments’ David Arnaud said the over-regulation of the banking sector is a legacy of its abuse of power – and tech faces the same fate.

Is it time to be a commodities contrarian?

Rob Crayfourd, portfolio manager at New City Investment Managers, explains where the best opportunities in commodity markets can be found.

Why the rise of alternative equity index ETFs should worry investors

Vast sums of money have flowed into alternative approaches to passive index investing but is this storing up potential problems for the future?

How to fund a retirement that lasts till you are 120: FE Trustnet Magazine is out now!

The March edition focuses on pensions and how to fund a 60-year retirement.

What you thought you knew about UK property investing might be wrong

Rathbones’ Alex Moore explains why investors wary about commercial property in the UK might need to take another look at the asset class.

Fund managers cut equity exposure to lowest since Sep 2016

The latest Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Fund Manager Survey reveals that asset allocators have been cutting back on equities in March.

The fastest country in history to move out of poverty – and how to access it

The poverty rate in Vietnam fell from 58 per cent in 1993 to less than 10 per cent today and VinaCapital’s Khanh Vu says this trend makes it a compelling destination for investors.

Infographic: A view of the world economy in March 2019

In this month's infographic, we raise our growth forecasts for 2020 but downgrade them for 2019 as we illustrate the near-term issues dragging on the economy.

What governments and investors are doing to tackle the plastic pandemic

Esmé van Herwijnen, responsible investment analyst at EdenTree Investment Management, discusses the depth of the plastic problem and how governments and investors are tackling the plastic pandemic.

The Share Centre’s funds for every Brexit outcome

Investment research analyst Tracy Zhao picks out several funds for each of the most probable Brexit scenarios.

AJ Bell launches two funds of funds for income investors

The new funds offer exposure to bonds and equities for those seeking a monthly income.

Healthcare is ‘a rare ray of light’, say Fidelity analysts

The latest Fidelity International Analyst Survey reveals that sentiment towards most sectors has fallen this year.

The ‘seven deadly sins’ of behaviour all investors should be aware of

Merian Global Investors’ Ian Heslop highlights the cognitive and emotional errors that investors often make and how to avoid them.

‘The need for vigilance will be as important as ever’: What do the next 10 years hold?

Four fund managers highlight the factors that they think will become increasingly important within markets over the next decade.

Miton's Jane: What you need to know about the market narrative

Miton Group's David Jane explains why markets always need a story and what the end of quantiative easing means for investors.

UK equity valuations at 30-year low

Man GLG’s Henry Dixon explains why 2019 could end up being a strong one for the UK, given the low starting valuations.

The importance of sticking by your process when the going gets tough

Lazard Asset Management’s Bertrand Cliquet explains why falling in love with winners can be dangerous when markets become more volatile.

Nine bottom-quartile funds being held back by one bad year

FE Trustnet discovers that nine funds are in the bottom quartile over three years, but only because of a single poor 12-month period.