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Three inflation scenarios and how to allocate for them

Pictet Asset Management’s head of global bonds outlines the three inflation scenarios he thinks could play out in markets over the coming years and how to allocate portfolios for each.

Assets in top-quartile funds slashed in half by market rotation

Research by Trustnet shows that £407.2bn is being managed by equity funds that have fallen into the bottom quartile during 2021’s move from growth stocks to value.

Six UK funds for a continued rally: “It’s got to be a recovery or undervalued assets fund”

Trustnet asks which funds the experts recommend holding if the UK market continues to rally.

How China has found a smarter solution to a ‘smart’ industry

Janus Henderson’s Matt Culley explains why China is well positioned to lead in electric vehicle manufacturing.

Why this global manager favours companies that have ‘won their battle’

Chawton Global Investors’ Michael Crawford explains why he favours companies that have a long history of returns on capital and a certain culture.

“The UK market is alive and kicking”: The stocks JOHCM UK Opportunities is holding for inflation

Michael Ulrich, manager of the JOHCM UK Opportunities fund, explains the portfolio changes he’s made in Q1 in reaction to “the big inflation debate”.

A trust that doesn’t force you to choose between growth and value

JPMorgan Claverhouse IT’s William Meadon says the best opportunities are now in value stocks, but this doesn’t mean you should turn your back on growth names.

Beyond tech stocks: Hidden players in the semiconductors space

Comgest Global Growth manager Laure Negiar looks beyond the ‘usual suspects’ in the tech sector to find companies in the increasingly popular semiconductors space.

Scottish Mortgage’s Anderson: “Investment management is irretrievably broken”

James Anderson shares his blunt views on the investment management industry in his final review as manager of the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust.

Vanguard: Emerging market debt – the right strategy for the pandemic

Emerging bond markets are increasingly moving into the focus of investors. But not all of them will benefit equally from the recovery after the corona crisis. A differentiated analysis is indispensable, says Vanguard’s Nick Eisinger.

Which investment trusts are trading on the widest discounts in 2021?

Trustnet discovers which investment trusts are currently trading at significant discounts to net asset value (NAV).

The top UK equity funds that outperformed in both the growth bull market and the value rotation

After an extended period of outperformance from growth-orientated equity strategies, only 19 UK equity funds have managed to beat their peer group both year-to-date as well as the five years prior.

Do absolute return funds still have a place in investors’ portfolios?

With most funds in the IA Targeted Absolute Return sector failing to hold up in last year’s crash, Adam Lewis asks, why hold them?

Clean energy is the key to the world’s climate challenge

Invesco’s Christopher Mellor examines the investment opportunities being created as the world moves towards a clean energy future.

Should investors be worried by the latest tech sell-off?

Trustnet gauges the reaction to the recent equity sell-off as investors become more concerned about rising levels of inflation.

Three US sectors that value investors should be watching

JPMorgan American manager Jonathan Simon examines three sectors that look like beneficiaries of the market rotation towards value stocks.

The ETFs surging past their active rivals in 2021

With ETFs recently being included in Investment Association sectors, Trustnet finds out which have generated the most outperformance of their average peer in 2021’s rallying market.

UK economy shrinks in Q1 but shows positive signs for March

The latest GDP data reveals the impact of the UK’s winter lockdown in 2021’s opening quarter.

How Evenlode’s new fund is playing Einstein’s eighth wonder and Australia’s rabbit problem

Chris Elliott, co-manager of the TB Evenlode Global Equity fund, explains why Australian rabbits and compounding interest have more in common than you might think.

How the world’s oldest investment trust raised its dividend 50 years in a row

Paul Niven says the F&C Investment Trust hasn’t stopped evolving since its launch in 1868.

What’s driving the boost in cybersecurity stocks?

Rize ETF co-founder Rahul Bhushan looks at the strong growth in the cybersecurity sector and looks at recent results in earnings season.

“The favourable environment for risky assets may not last much longer”: Why Pictet thinks now is the time to go neutral on equities

With the global economic recovery on track, Pictet Asset Management reviews its asset allocation for the next phase in markets, which includes a reduction on its equity exposure.