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Are these the sort of companies that will perform through a recession?

Comgest’s Alistair Wittet explains why companies like Ferrari will still have an edge in any coronavirus-fuelled recession.

Inflation post Covid-19: to be or not to be?

We spoke to two experts who argued the case for and against inflation in the near future and what it means for investments.

What investors can expect once the dust settles

As hopes of a swift recovery disappear into the distance and we adjust to the new normal, Hannah Smith turns her focus to the post-coronavirus investment landscape.

Will credit markets remain open for business?

Aviva Investors' Colin Purdie discusses the short- and long-term implications of Covid-19 for investment grade and high yield credit globally.

The controversial bond issuers without which “there’d be pretty much anarchy”

Rathbones Bryn Jones explains why as well as having a compelling social investment case, banks and insurers provide and attractive risk-reward for bond investors.

JPMAM's Bell: How to navigate Covid-19 uncertainty

Mike Bell, global market strategist at JP Morgan Asset Management, considers where he thinks there are compelling opportunities and the kind of market environment he would want to see to start allocating to these areas.

Five funds unfairly hit by the Covid-19 sell-off but still attractive in the long term

Trustnet speaks to five industry experts who highlight the funds that have taken a hit during this crisis but remain solid long-term prospects.

The encouraging response from UK plc amid the coronavirus crisis

AXA Investment Managers' Chris St John and Dan Harlow on UK plc’s response to the impact of Covid-19, the different measures taken, and why this has given them the confidence to start looking and identifying opportunities beyond the current crisis.

Why solvency and not liquidity is what investors should really be worried about

Fidelity International’s Andrew McCaffery explains why companies need to be focusing more on their long-term monetary commitments and not just the short-term financial demands

Covid-19: the inescapable truths faced by investors

Investors will need to be more agile than ever as Covid-19 reinforces many of the trends driving the world economy prior to the outbreak.

Why health insurers may be a better investment than pharma in the pandemic

Orbis’s Ben Preston says that the money saved by the sector through cancelled elective procedures may outweigh the increased costs from Covid-19.

Coronavirus – a ‘black swan’ event with massive implications

Mark Harris, head of multi-asset at Garraway Capital Management, considers the longer-lasting impact of the coronavirus pandemic on asset classes.

The $20trn investment opportunity after the Covid-19 pandemic ends

Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts highlight five themes with a total market capitalisation of $20trn that should benefit in a post-pandemic environment.

Three Asia funds to help boost your portfolio’s income

Quilter’s head of investment research puts the spotlight on three Asian funds that could help protect your portfolio from dividends cuts elsewhere.

Did the most consistent UK funds protect you when Covid-19 struck?

Trustnet examines the relationship between long-term consistency of returns and how well funds protected capital in the coronavirus crash.