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Equities could deliver “jaw-dropping returns”, says CrossBorder Capital

The group pointed out that the first two years of future cash flows typically only account for 11 per cent of the value of a business, suggesting equity markets are oversold.

What is "helicopter money" and is it a good idea?

With debate increasing over whether “helicopter money” could help tackle the global economic crisis, we asked Schroders’ chief economist Keith Wade about the tactics of governments.

What role does gold play in these extraordinary times?

Rob Crayfourd and Keith Watson, portfolio managers of CQS New City’s Golden Prospect Precious Metals trust, consider what role gold can play as the coronavirus continues to impact markets.

How investors remain in ‘denial’ about US tech as the coronavirus crisis continues

Scottish Investment Trust’s Alasdair McKinnon explains how investors are making the same mistakes about US tech as they did with airlines a month ago.

The Asian country likely to be hit hardest if the Covid-19 crisis deteriorates

Matthews Asia’s Robert Horrocks explains which country could be most at risk if the impact of coronavirus worsens.

How Simon Brazier’s caution paid off when coronavirus struck

Ninety One Asset Management’s Simon Brazier explains how the coronavirus has provided a good opportunity for quality investors worried about valuations.

What will the global coronavirus recovery look like?

While plenty of uncertainty remains, market commentators say it's not too soon to start thinking out how the eventual recovery will play out.

The trust enhancing its dividend to tackle its discount

JPMorgan Chinese has changed its name to JPMorgan China Growth & Income and has altered its dividend policy to match.

Why becoming an effective long-term investor is more important than ever

Mark Walker, managing partner at Tollymore Investment Partners, explains how and why you should be creating a long term investment strategy in the current environment.

Five ‘darker developments’ we need to see before the coronavirus recovery

Barings Investment Institute’s Christopher Smart outlines the events that have to happen before a durable economic recovery from coronavirus looks sure.

How have UK small-cap managers reacted to the worst-ever quarter for the sector?

Trustnet asks several managers for their thoughts on one of the most challenging periods ever for UK small-cap stockpickers.

How are the industry’s best-selling funds holding up in the coronavirus crisis?

Many of the most popular funds are topping their sectors amid the ongoing market volatility, although there are some big names that have fallen to the bottom.

TN Live Blog: FTSE rises despite Boris Johnson going into intensive care

The FTSE 100 has risen 2.45 per cent in early trading, despite last night’s news that the prime minister is in intensive care for coronavirus.

Saxo Bank sees significant repercussions after “the lost economic year” of 2020

The Danish investment bank has issued its second-quarter outlook as the world struggles with the coronavirus crisis.

The “essential” trust for an income-hungry retiree

Dunedin Income Growth targets a high headline yield and a rising dividend.

Investing rules to see us through

Nick Payne, head of global emerging market equities at Merian Global Investors, explains how long-standing “investing rules” can bring comfort and help with decision-making during tough market conditions.

Why the coronavirus recovery is likely to be U-shaped

Faced with what is likely to become one of the deepest but shortest recessions of modern times, PIMCO’s Joachim Fels and Andrew Balls explain what might unfold in the coming months.

How Ariel Bezalel is taking advantage of “mispriced credit”

Jupiter Asset Management’s head of fixed income strategy believes that forced selling from the crisis has created an opportunity in the bond market.

The charts showing what you should have avoided in 2020’s opening quarter

With stock markets plummeting over recent weeks because of coronavirus, Trustnet looks at how the first quarter played out by asset class, investment style and fund sector.

TN Live Blog: Coronavirus causes record fund outflows

Data from Calastone suggests money was pulled out of UK-based funds at their fastest pace on record during March.

How Fidelity China Special Sits’ Dale Nicholls is positioning for Covid-19

Providing an update on some of the changes he’s made in reaction to the coronavirus, the Fidelity manager explains his thoughts on what the epidemic means for Chinese stocks.

Adrian Lowcock: Three funds I am buying for my 2020 ISA

Adrian Lowcock, head of personal investing at Willis Owen, highlights the three funds he'll be adding before the ISA deadline closes on 5 April.

Jonathan Ruffer: Why this crisis was entirely predictable

The chairman of Ruffer says people should pay more attention to the state of the market before the coronavirus crisis struck, adding we could be set to return to the 1970s.