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Why was 2019 such a strong year for absolute return funds?

Trustnet takes a closer look at the IA Targeted Absolute Return sector to find out if the strategies managed to live up to their names in 2019.

How Japan is dealing with its “poison pill” problem

AVI’s Joe Bauernfreund says shareholder returns used to come well down the list of priorities for companies in Japan – which is evident from the widespread use of “poison pills”.

Why do central banks matter to investment markets?

David Absolon, investment director at Heartwood Investment Management, considers how the power of central bank stimulus in stimulating the economy might be waning.

The new theme JP Morgan has added to its £1.4bn macro fund

The JPM Global Macro Opportunities fund has started looking at the impact that government and corporate responses to climate change is having in the market.

Why investors shouldn’t pile into cash just yet

With some investors getting jittery about market in 2020, Aberdeen Standard’s Gerry Fowler considers whether now is a good time to hold cash.

“Valuations at extreme levels”: Where is the UK market going in 2020?

With valuations at extreme levels, Sue Noffke and Andy Brough explain how they’re looking at the UK stock market heading into 2020.

Revealed: The managers splitting their time between the 10 or more funds

Trustnet discovers which managers have responsibility for the most open-ended funds and investments trusts.

Terry Smith and Nick Train haven’t "cracked" markets, warns Albemarle’s Parker

The managing director said while Smith and Train are fantastic managers, “they’re not the only people in the world who have suddenly worked out how markets work”.

Waiting for global reflation

Mark Nash, head of fixed income at Merian Global investors, considers global markets in 2020 and the potential risks to the asset manager's outlook.

What every investor should know about emerging markets

The lack of correlation between different emerging market economies is something that investors should consider when making an allocation, according to Kepler Trust Intelligence’s Callum Stokeld.

Are UK stocks still being treated like riskier emerging markets?

With the FTSE 100 index having significantly underperformed its international peers until recently, Trustnet asks whether have UK stocks are still priced too cheaply?

The UK equity funds that best navigated two very different years

With 2018 and 2019 giving UK investors some differing conditions to navigate, Trustnet finds out which funds remained in the top quartile for both years.

The fund manager cutting back on hot air emissions

Martin Currie’s Mark Whitehead is investing in a company that aims to reduce the amount of methane produced by farm animals.

Don’t be too quick to jump on board the value train

Julian Chillingworth, chief investment officer at Rathrbones, explains why labels such as 'growth' and 'value' can be deceptive and investors need to look beyond them to sift the winners from the losers.

Six managers to watch as they bed into their new funds

FundCalibre research director Juliet Schooling Latter highlights a handful of recently launched funds and those with new managers worth considering.

What retirement looks like for a typical NEST saver: Trustnet Magazine is out now!

The latest edition of Trustnet Magazine looks at the grim reality of retirement with an insufficient pension pot.

Terry Smith: No chance of me making Woodford’s style drift or illiquidity mistakes

Following another strong year for Fundsmith Equity, its manager stressed how he is careful to avoid problems such as illiquidity and style drift that brought down Woodford Investment Management.

The four UK funds outperforming the FTSE All Share in each of the past five years

Only four funds have managed to outperform the FTSE All Share index over each of the past five calendar years, research by Trustnet has found.

Vanguard: It’s not all about costs when it comes to passive investing

A study by Vanguard explains the other measures that investors should consider when seeking out a passive fund provider.

Why fiscal policy probably needs to be utilised again

Insight Investment’s head of investment specialists April LaRusse explains how fiscal policy should be brought back into markets.