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What if the FAANGs aren’t expensive enough?

They’ve led global indices for a decade and have some of the highest valuations on the market, but are US tech stocks actually cheap?

Why a ‘no deal’ Brexit could hurt the UK more than Covid-19

With time running out, Goldman Sachs’ Adrian Paul considers what the economic fallout from a ‘no deal’ Brexit would be on the UK economy.

Trough to trough: When selling at the bottom could make you 400%

While you should never sell out at the bottom of the market, it has been possible to make strong gains if you also bought in at the lowest point of the last cycle.

“A change in management makes sense”: Tom Dobell to depart the M&G Recovery fund

The well-known but underperforming value fund will have more of a focus on mid-caps under new manager Michael Stiasny.

Finding value beyond the big tech gold rush

Wise Funds’ Vincent Ropers explains why it has warned investors not to relentlessly chase the tech bull market and where else they can look to find value.

How avoiding style bias has been a tailwind for this global fund

Nomura’s Tom Wildgoose explains how a style-neutral approach and focus on stock selection can deliver strong returns.

Are we at a turning point for value stocks?

Trustnet asks several fund managers what the prospects are like for the out-of-favour investment style and whether it can make a comeback in the near future.

What the data tells us about Japan's Covid-19 response

Analysis by our Data Insights Unit show how Japan’s Covid response has differed from other countries. We ask our experts what this means for investors.

The lessons that long-serving managers like Harry Nimmo, Robin Geffen and Colin Morton learnt over three crashes

Trustnet asks managers who have run funds during the dotcom, 2008 and coronavirus crises what lessons they have learnt from these turbulent events.

Lowcock: ‘Sell in May and go away’ hasn’t worked since 2016

UK investors would have missed out on a market rally if they had followed the ‘Sell in May’ adage this year, says Willis Owen’s Adrian Lowcock.

Why investors must uncover opportunities from the secular themes set to endure

As ‘millennial’ modes of life transform society, investors must distinguish opportunities from the secular transformations reconfiguring the post-Covid future, says Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s Luke Barrs.

‘Eat Out to Help Out’ sends inflation to near-zero in August

Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal a big month-on-month fall in inflation as the UK took advantage of the government’s scheme to support the hospitality sector.

“It's a bull market,” say fund managers (while adding to cash)

The latest BofA Global Fund Manager Survey finds asset allocators are becoming more confident amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

The absolute return funds that have given investors the fewest sleepless nights

Trustnet looks at which funds within the IA Targeted Absolute Return sector have enjoyed the greatest number of positive periods over the last 10 years.

Why growth investors might want to consider an allocation to Russia

Russian companies are offering a some interesting growth stories for investors willing to take a look, according to Barings Asset Management’s Matthias Siller.

The “homebody economy” – investing in your digital back yard

Jean Roche, Co-Manager of the Schroder UK Mid Cap Fund plc, argues that Covid-19 has accelerated existing trends to shop, study, work and play at home with important implications for investors

Still value in high yield despite end to ‘great buying opportunity’

T. Rowe Price's Michael Della Vedova considers whether value can still be found in the high yield bond market as spreads have narrowed.

How will markets behave with fewer than 50 days until the US presidential election?

With just under 50 days until president Donald Trump faces Democrat rival Joe Biden for the keys to the White House, Trustnet asks several fund managers what they think will happen in the coming weeks.

Why the rising gold price is an opportunity for equity investors

Gold has had a stellar year so far and Franklin Templeton Investments’ Steve Land explains the opportunities it creates for gold miners.

The UK funds that have continued to rise while the FTSE sank 5%

With the UK market failing to keep up with other countries, Trustnet finds out which funds have managed to power ahead.

F&C’s Niven: Analysts are being way too bearish about Covid-19

F&C Investment Trust’s Paul Niven explains why analyst downgrades to earnings won’t be as severe in the next earnings cycle and US equities will continue to outperform.

Should the funds industry tell us the Total Cost of Investing?

Square Mile Investment Consulting & Research’s Jock Glover examines the various costs associated with funds and why investors need to pay attention to all.

Three reasons Abenomics isn’t going anywhere despite a new prime minister

Matthews Asia Portfolio Managers’ Taizo Ishida and Shuntaro Takeuchi discuss the longevity of the economic and market reforms put in place by Shinzo Abe.

Six investing rules to see portfolios through a new era

Unigestion chief executive Fiona Frick explains how investors need to adapt their portfolios to the massive changes that have occurred over the past decade.

Dog funds top £54bn as number of underperforming funds rockets, Bestinvest reveals

Bestinvest’s semi-annual Spot the Dog report finds the number of underperforming funds increased by 65 per cent during the first half of 2020 as markets reeled from the impact of Covid-19.