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The best, most-consistent UK funds of the past decade

Trustnet looks at which funds in the IA UK All Companies sector delivered the most consistent performance over the past decade with the lowest maximum drawdown.

Why investors can’t rely on infinite GDP growth

Low-income countries depend on ‘natural capital’ for 47% of their wealth – yet this is often depleted without being replaced.

Three recovery stocks that have been written off by the market

Schroder Global Recovery’s Simon Adler names three stocks that are turning themselves around after losing their way.

Now is not the time to abandon the bond market ship in the rising tide of inflation

Investors should direct their attention towards the parts of the markets than can best deal with the rising inflationary backdrop.

Should you back the expensive Lindsell Train trust or cheap F&C Investment Trust?

These two IT Global trusts have a large-cap focus but their paths have been very different. Trustnet asks which is a better bet moving forward.

Big tech companies build on pandemic gains with soaring quarterly profits

Covid-19 increased the global reliance on tech, but even as economies open-up, revenues of the big names continue to climb.

GAM rises as Liontrust and Baillie Gifford fall in the latest FE fundinfo Crown rebalance

Trustnet looks at the funds that have soared and those that have dropped in the most recent ratings change.

Should you buy the latest China stock market crash?

Fund managers say you should only buy into the falling Chinese market if you can cope with further volatility.

Can the surge in Bitcoin be entirely attributed to excess liquidity?

The craze for cryptocurrencies now appears to be reversing – but can their boom in the six months to April be attributed to the stimulus cheques paid to US citizens with nowhere else to spend them?

Ian Heslop: Why factor investing is as important as picking stocks

The Jupiter fund manager explains why relying on a single style can be dangerous when the market turns against you.

Stagflation would be the ‘worst possible outcome’ for all assets

After months of inflation-linked anxieties fuelling value outperformance, Trustnet asks market commentators and fund managers what impact stagflation could have on this rally.

Robinhood IPO: Expect an initial bounce but long-term problems for the controversial stock

Concerns over its revenue streams could derail the latest high-profile IPO.

The sectors where fund selection is really mattering in 2021

Trustnet finds out which sectors have the biggest gap between the highest and lowest returning funds over the year so far.

Why investors in emerging markets need to constantly evolve

Templeton Emerging Markets’ Chetan Sehgal says what worked for investors in the 1990s did not work in the 2000s and what worked in the 2000s did not work in the 2010s.

Why now may be a good time to take a punt on this property trust

interactive investor’s Dzmitry Lipski says the 20% discount on the BMO Commercial Property Trust offers a wide margin of safety.

Staying mindful of complacency

There is a lot to be optimistic about, but risks remain.

The case for backing the tried-and-tested fund managers

Volatile markets can be navigated by picking a well-known fund manager.

Why now is the time to ditch the FAANGs for value

JP Morgan strategist, Mike Bell, explains why he’s scrapping US growth.

The five investment trust premiums and discounts that have risen the most

Trustnet looks at the investment trusts that have either gone to a bigger premium or a narrower discount across June.

A high-growth sector that currently looks cheap

Large-cap biotech stocks have rocketed this year, but their smaller counterparts have gone the other way.

What will happen when central banks turn off the liquidity taps?

Anthony Luzio finds out what could cause policymakers to remove support for markets.

How can fixed income investors find diversification and returns in an unrecognisable bond market?

Investors will have to get innovative to make money in bonds

Link Group ditches ‘worst-case scenario’ as UK dividends soar in Q2

The latest Link Group UK Dividend Monitor reveals UK dividends are recovering ahead of initial forecasts.

Why the FAANGS have no place in a sustainable or ESG portfolios

Scoring highly on one of the three ESG factors is not enough to warrant big tech firms a place in sustainable or ESG focused funds, according to Nick Edgerton of Stewart Investors.

GAM, Baillie Gifford, Morgan Stanley: The high-octane global funds that were worth taking the risk on

Trustnet looks at the global equity funds with high volatility and top-ranked returns over the past five years.