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Why Microsoft might get bigger than the entire FTSE 100

Research by ValuAnalysis has looked at the potential future growth of tech giant Microsoft and asked if the company could eventually be larger than the UK blue-chip market.

Why this Baillie Gifford fund is taking a more focused approach to China

Baillie Gifford Greater China changed its name to Baillie Gifford China last year, given "the staggering development” in the country over the past decade and the opening up of the domestic A share market.

What can the Covid-19 crisis teach us about tackling climate change?

We already know how devastating climate change could be for the planet, so let’s ensure we learn the lessons from the current crisis.

SVM's Lawson: Our homes have become our castles as a result of Covid-19

Margaret Lawson, manager of the SVM UK Growth fund, explains how new ways of working and living from home are creating new opportunities for UK equity investors.

Inflows to equity funds surge in April following coronavirus sell-off

Following record outflows in March, investors put £4bn back into funds during April with almost all asset classes reporting inflows.

Bond funds carry a lot more risk than in the past

The combination of duration and spread risk for most corporate bond funds has made them unattractive on a risk/reward basis, according to Waverton’s Jeff Keen.

Adrian Lowcock’s seven rules for avoiding the next Woodford-style blow up

Willis Owen’s head of personal investing highlights some of the issues that investors need to keep in mind to avoid fund collapses like that which struck Neil Woodford’s investment empire.

Equities “may no longer be the answer”, says Ruffer’s MacInnes

The co-manager of the Ruffer Investment Company warns another lost decade beckons for the asset class.

Why the pensions industry needs to step up and help retirees

John Blowers says that giving the non-financially literate control of their pension when they retire is a recipe for disaster.

Covid-19 poses temporary setback to the energy transition

The Covid-19 crisis and oil price plunge may slow consumer appetite for the energy transition but this effect will be short-lived.

How a crisis-triggered, challenging environment presents an opportunity for better portfolio outcomes

BlackRock's Ursula Marchioni considers why the current market unease poses, while posing many challenges for investors, provides an opportunity to reassess long-held attitudes.

The country that is catching the eye of 2020’s best Asia fund

Yu Zhang, portfolio manager at Matthews Asia, outlines the economic situations in Vietnam and India as indicators of structural growth and future profit in the region.

What the experts are saying investors need to know about gold

Trustnet asks several market experts their opinions on the performance of gold’s recent rally and which funds they prefer for gaining exposure.

Why the quality style doesn’t only apply to growth strategies

Aberdeen Standard Investments’ Charles Luke explains how relevant the quality style is to income strategies and how it has turned around the performance of his open-ended fund.

Mid Wynd’s Edelsten: No one is more surprised we beat the rally than me

The Artemis manager says his strategy tends to prove its worth when the market wobbles – but it also outperformed in the rebound this year.

Where to look for an income following widespread dividend cuts

Rebecca Jones weighs up the options for income-seekers now their UK dividend love story is over.

Thematic investing - Moving away from the herd

Rahul Bhushan, co-founder of Rize ETF, explains why investors need to take a thematic approach when it comes to investing if they want to identify the next generation of fast-growing companies.

A historic opportunity for value stocks? Or another decade of growth?

Fund managers such as Blue Whale’s Stephen Yiu and Jupiter’s Ben Whitmore ask whether the market will be driven by growth stocks or value companies after the coronavirus crisis.

Four Covid-19 scenarios and how they could impact your portfolio

MSCI’s Thomas Verbraken and Juan Sampieri explain what effect several potential market outcomes could have on investors’ portfolios.

How to spot a good absolute return fund – and three that tick the boxes

Waverton’s Luke Hyde-Smith explains why absolute return funds have struggled in recent years and highlights what he is looking for when buying these strategies.

Bruce Stout: Asia will recover faster from Covid-19 than the West

The manager of the Murray International Trust said the headwinds that will hinder the developed world over the coming years will be more than matched by the tailwinds pushing Asia higher.

Three renewable energy stocks Fidelity’s Himsworth is backing

The manager of the Fidelity UK Opportunities fund says that while this part of the market contains “tomorrow’s companies”, you need to be selective as valuations are often excessive.

How to invest in Japan during the pandemic era

Shintaro Harada, chief portfolio manager for the Nomura Japan High Conviction Strategy, highlights a number of companies that are likely to emerge stronger from the crisis: from cutting edge automation companies to consumer staples names.

Adrian Lowcock’s four funds for inflation or disinflation

Willis Owen head of personal investing Adrian Lowcock picks two funds for if inflation takes off and two for if disinflation prevails.

Almost every fund sector makes positive returns in May

Trustnet looks at the best and worst performing funds and sectors after risk appetite returned to markets last month.

Advisers explore sustainable funds as coronavirus supports new megatrend

During May, FE Analytics users turned their attention to some of the best-performing sustainable investment strategies as they continue to outperform in the coronavirus crisis.