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Nick Train: Why I’m backing luxury brands to beat inflation

The veteran explains why he is building his position in Fever-Tree despite a recent drop in share price performance.

UK inflation 'back with a vengeance' rising to 3.2%

The bounce from a surprise drop in July is the biggest increase in inflation since records began.

Japan reigns supreme among Asian funds delivering top returns despite biggest sector losses

Trustnet continues its series into funds that have delivered consistently high returns while enduring some of their sector’s biggest maximum drawdowns, this time looking at Asia focused sectors in the IA universe.

UK’s top stock beats 98% of the S&P 500 but investors are still wary

Several UK stocks have beaten the popular S&P 500 over the past year, but a new study shows investors still don’t consider the FTSE is the best place to invest.

Cutting through the noise on India

Indian equities look expensive but can make huge gains over the long term.

Now is not the time to run for the hills, says top Europe fund manager

Manager Hugh Cuthbert reveals why Europe is no longer ‘the poor man of global equities’.

Why investors shouldn’t follow the £1bn outflows from Trojan Income

The highly regarded fund has experienced outflows of more than £1bn over the past 12 months, but this has been a mistake by departing investors and those remaining should allocate more, experts say.

Growth stocks overtake value in 2021: Has the recovery rally already ended?

While value stocks had surged as the world opened up from the coronavirus lockdown, growth stocks have been catching up over the summer months.

Reasons for optimism in the clean economy revolution

Tackling climate change multi-decade growth opportunity for investors

Lowland’s James Henderson: Why I’ve bought M&S for the first time in 30 years

The Lowland Investment Company manager explains why even value stocks need to be growing before he buys them.

Stick with the UK despite worrying GDP figures

The UK economy flatlined in July, growing at just 0.1%, but market commentators say it is too early to pump the brakes.

The top-rated funds you can hold together: IA UK Equity Income

Correlation risk is especially important when investing for income in the UK, where just five stocks account for about one-third of all dividends.